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Anonymous asked:

About 10 years ago I wrote you a fan letter, not expecting anything back from you. Then a month or so later you sent me a box full of the most amazing stuff. Including a necklace you had made for me, a power animal, books, gag gifts, several autographs, and it was the coolest fucking thing ever. Do you always answer fan letter like this? And wouldn't that be rather time consuming? Stay awesome.


The boxes.  Someday I’ll try to explain them.  But I do answer my mail with as big a surprise as I can manage at the time.  Doing so does eat up resources — time, money, attention — but I love knowing that a sort-of ‘bomb’ of happiness is about to arrive in someone’s life.  That knowledge perks me up on the crappiest of days.

Often, in turn, people send me the most wonderful, tragic stories.  I’m torn between laughing and crying.

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